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The ballet curriculum is an organized syllabus of instruction based fundamentally on the Russia Vaganova syllabus. Through movement exercises designed to build coordination, musicality, strength and flexibility this program provides a strong foundation in classical ballet technique and overall dance education. It provides the necessary foundation to those wishing to compete in all forms of dance, such as jazz, contemporary and ballroom dance. (Ages 6 through Adults)


This course focusing on basic jazz techniques incorporates a full warm-up of exercises designed to increase strength and flexibility. This is followed by combinations travelling across the floor and choreography. Within this technique the student will become proficient at moving the body parts in isolation and developing a strong and expressive performance style. (Ages 10 through Adults)


American Modern Dance was born in the early 1900’s through the work of people such as Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis, Doris Humphrey and Martha Graham. These pioneers sought to create a form of dance that would express the full spectrum of human emotions. This technique uses the torso to enable the dancer to move not only in an upright position, but forward, backward, from side to side, to the floor and rebounding up again. The exercises in this technique develop strength and expressiveness in the core, back, arms and legs. (Ages 10 through Adults)


Barre Fitness incorporates specific exercises from the classical ballet barre with fitness exercises for strength and flexibility. This new approach to fitness will sculpt and tone the body and is appropriate for beginners and professionals alike. Areas of focus are ankles, thighs, gluteals, abdominals and arms. (Teens through Adults)


In this class children learn to listen to and move to rhythm, practice simple floor exercises and explore movement and musicality through creativity and imagery. Sequential movement patterns, simple counting skills and spatial awareness are developed. (Ages 4-6)

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